COM.EN.CO., in order to expand and integrate its services, has founded COM.EN.CO. Training.

COM.EN.CO. Training organization is able to provide a complete portfolio of training solutions to meet all your operational and maintenance needs. Trained staff has several benefits: improved performance and reliability, lower maintenance costs and enhanced process operations.
Our highly-qualified Technical Training instructors are dedicated to providing the highest quality standard on:

  • Mechanical Rotating equipment
  • Control System of Rotating equipment
  • Instrument & Electrical Systems
  • Motors, Generators, Motor Starting Circuits, Variable Speed Drives
  • Circuit Breakers, Transformers, Substations

Comprehensive training programs are available at COM.EN.CO. Training premises or at customer sites. COM.EN.CO. offers a variety of training solutions including:

  • Standard Training Courses
  • Multi-Customer Training
  • Customized Training Solutions

Since we understand that it is not easy for a foreigner to reach our learning centre based in Italy, and that it is impossible to train an entire staff of a company at once, we have arranged on-line learning solutions that will help you to train any time and anywhere.

COM.EN.CO. considers Health, Safety and Environment as core values and absolute commitments within all its business activities. Therefore, COM.EN.CO. Training, through its HSE training courses, carried out in compliance with international standards, offers to you the opportunity to be well trained about Health, Safety and Environment.

Should you need any further information about our training courses, please use the form below to contact us.